Waldron, Marie

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State Assembly
Political Affiliation:
(916) 997-4784
State Assemblymember, 75th District
B.S. Communications, St. John's University
Biographical Info:
Marie Waldron Biography Over the past 30 years, Marie Waldron has been actively involved in her North San Diego County region. As a local business owner for 25 years, she understands the economic impacts of burdensome government regulation and spending on taxpayers and small businesses. Elected to the California State Assembly in 2012, Waldron serves as minority floor leader, the 2nd ranking Assembly Republican. She is known as a strong advocate for patient access to health care, opioid/substance use and mental health treatment. She is a member of the Assembly Health Committee, the Mental Health caucus, the Prevention Support Team of Mental Health Systems-North Inland Community Prevention Program, the Select Committee on Health Care Delivery & Universal Coverage, and is the Vice Chair of the Select Committee on Infectious Disease in High Risk Communities. She is currently serving on the Stanford 5 Year Initiative on Neuroscience, a working group to foster communication between policymakers and researchers regarding mental health, addiction and opioid drugs. Marie is a former member of the San Diego County Opioid Task Force, and has been honored as "Legislator of the Year" from both the CA Life Sciences Association and the California Chronic Care Coalition. Prior to her election to the Assembly, Waldron served for 14 years on the Escondido City Council fighting for public safety, budget stability and neighborhood revitalization. Waldron served as Escondido’s Deputy Mayor, on the Board of Directors for the North County Transit District, the city’s representative to the League of California Cities, the Regional Solid Waste Association Board, and Escondido’s Investment subcommittee. Her commitment to her city was recognized by the Escondido Rotary Club when she was presented their Outstanding Community Service Award in 1990. Marie and her husband Steve have own and operate Waldron Enterprises, Top End Tees Screen-printing and Apparel in Escondido for over 25 years. Waldron has also been a member of the Escondido Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Business Association and many other groups. She served 4 years as Honorary Chairman of the California Business Advisory Council which advocated on behalf of California’s small businesses to Congress. Active in the San Diego region, Waldron is a founding member of the San Diego chapter of CWLA (California Women’s Leadership Association), and is a member of the American Legion Auxiliary. Previously, Marie worked her way up to Operations Manager for NBC Sports in New York, handled commercial operations for Times Mirror Cable TV in San Diego and worked with New York Mets Promotions department. The Waldron’s have a 17-year old son and Steve is the founder of the successful “Cruisin’ Grand” hotrod event held every year in downtown Escondido since 1999. Marie has a B.S. degree from St. John’s University and has done graduate work at UCSD and SDSU. Marie Waldron - Summary Biography Elected Office California State Assembly since 2012, Minority Leader 2018-2022 Minority Floor Leader 2015-2018 City Councilmember, City of Escondido 1998 - 2012 Deputy Mayor, City of Escondido 2002 – 2004 and 2010-2012 Board of Directors, North County Transit District (NCTD) 1998 – ‘02, Alternate League of California Cities 2002 – Representative ’03 –‘12 Regional Solid Waste Association (RSWA) Board Member ‘03 – ‘12 City of Escondido Public Safety Subcommittee City of Escondido Utilities Subcommittee City of Escondido Investment Subcommittee Current & Previous Legislative Committees Vice Chair, Assembly Health Committee Governmental Organization Health Rules Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media: Vice Chair Local Government: Vice Chair Subcommittee of the Assembly Standing Committees: Rules-Subcommittee on Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Prevention and Response Select Committees of the Assembly Select Committee on Health Care Delivery Systems and Universal Coverage Select Committee on Infectious Diseases in High Risk Communities Select Committee on the 2028 Olympics and Paralympic Games Select Committee on Biotechnology Select Committee on the Census Select Committee on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Select Committee on Natural Disaster Response, Recovery, and Rebuilding Select Committee on Regional Transportation Solutions Select Committee on Streamlining Services for Victims of Interpersonal Violence Select Committee on Waste Reduction and Recycling in 21st Century California Select Committee on Wine Select Committee on Youth and California’s Future Special Committees Speaker's Blue Ribbon Committee on Early Childhood Education Assembly Legislative Ethics Joint Committees Joint Committee on Arts Joint committee on Rules Joint Committee on Rules: Subcommittee on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Appointments & Commendations Stanford 5 Year Initiative on Neuroscience working group (current) Legislator of the Year, California Life Sciences Association 2015 Legislator of the Year, California Chronic Care Coalition, 2015 Appointed California Honorary Chairman, Business Advisory Council (BAC) Escondido Rotary Club’s Outstanding Community Service Award 1990 Associations & Political Memberships (Past and Current) American Legion Auxiliary San Diego Lincoln Club North County Chapter of the Lincoln Club Founding Member, California Women’s Leadership Association (CWLA) Prevention Support Team of Mental Health Systems-North Inland Community San Diego County Opioid Task Force Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association San Diego Taxpayers Association Adam Smith Institute ‘98 – ‘06 Leadership 2000 alumni
Having successfully represented the 75th Assembly District since 2012, I would be honored to finish my term continuing to fight for the values and liberties of my constituents against the overreach of our existing government. California is increasingly unaffordable and unsafe. As your Assemblymember, I’ve worked hard to fix our state’s growing list of problems. We deserve better! As minority leader in the State Assembly for 3 years and on a local city council for 14 years, I have advocated for hardworking Californians, affordability, healthcare access and quality of life. The cost of gas, energy, housing and food are out of control. I support eliminating the Gas Tax, no new taxes and using the $97 billion state surplus to give every person a tax cut. Stop making East County a dumping ground for sexual predators! Violent crime and property crimes are rising. I oppose the “Defund the Police” movement, oppose letting felons out of jail early and support bringing back tough penalties. I authored legislation to stop smash and grab burglaries making our communities unsafe. A small business owner for 28 years, I believe in eliminating unfair regulations making it hard to run a business and hire more people. We need to encourage small business owners, not drive them out of California. As a parent, keeping our kids safe, providing a strong education that supports parental rights is vital. I fought for and obtained increased access to mental health and drug addiction treatment to help the homeless get off the streets, and support immediately cleaning up the dangerous, dirty camps that we see every day. Please join me in making California a state where we can afford to live and enjoy.


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  • YYes
  • NNo
  • Declined to Respond/Undecided, Position Unknown/Unclear
  • *Comment
  • Declined to respond, Position based on citation

Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Should California amend its Constitution to remove current limitations and codify abortion until birth as a constitutional right? (e.g., Prop 1, 2022) N* Voted NO on the Assembly floor and in Assembly Health Committee
2. Should California require medical providers to undergo “cultural competency courses” on racial politics and sexual and gender identity to have their license renewed by the state? (e.g., AB 2194, 2022) N
3. Should California adult citizens be required to pass a background check before buying ammunition? N* It is a violation of their 2nd Amendment Rights
4. Should California require high school students to take an Ethnic Studies course that teaches Critical Race Theory before graduating? N* Voted No several times on the Assembly floor
5. Should California women’s prisons be required to admit biological males who self-identify as female? N
6. Would you (or did you) support requiring all insurance plans to provide elective surgical abortions for free, with no deductibles or copays copays? (e.g., SB 245, 2022) N
7. Should minors age 15 or older be allowed to consent to vaccines without parental permission? (e.g., SB 866, 2022) N* I vote to protect parental rights
8. Would you (or did you) support the legalization of loitering for prostitution? (e.g., SB 357, 2022) N
9. Would you (or did you) support the establishment of government-sponsored drug injection centers? (e.g., SB 57, 2022) N* Voted NO in Assembly Health committee three years in a row and NO on the Assembly floor
10. Would you (or did you) support legislation prohibiting employers from making hiring decisions based on an employee’s use of cannabis away from the workplace or traces of non-psychoactive cannabis found during drug testing? (e.g., AB 2188, 2022) N* Voted NO when this bill came on the Assembly floor
11. Should California taxpayers fund transgender treatments for minors, including puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex-change operations? (e.g., AB 2218, 2020; AB 2521, 2022) N
12. Should California require Peace Officers to undergo a “bias evaluation” that includes sexual orientation and gender identity? (e.g., AB 2229, 2022) N