Jones, Paul

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U.S. Representative
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(156) 296-5532
College 2 years
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let's start I am not an attorney or professional with millions, I am that kid that had to put cardboard in the bottom of his shoes because his folks had to save to buy new shoes, as I was the oldest of 4, out of High School at 17 and the day after my 17th birthday standing in the yellow footprints at MCRD, Marine boot camp, on to ITR (Infantry training) home for 30 days back to duty jungle training and my 18th birthday I'm that guy that was landing in Viet Nam, 23 months of fighting, the saying is that I grew up in a tough neighborhood, mine was Viet Nam, wrong place wrong time with multiple injuries, then I was the happy guy that was going home, then became one of those men met with protests, disgrace, dehumanized and emotionally destroyed, joining the ranks of thousands of other returning Vets. I was the vet with nightmares that could not get help from the VA, and decided as did many to commit suicide, I was then the lucky guy that did not succeed, I was then the angry man with God and mankind, I then became the one that because of anger was married and divorced twice. I became the guy living in his car, until it was towed away for expired tags, and then onto living on the streets, I'm even the guy that went to county jail for a few months, I I am the man that then vowed to fight for myself and all those who were not able to as I once was, I became a parent and a husband fighting to make ends meet every week, then I was the same man that decided to have a heart attack with bypass heart surgery, Now I am the man who is no longer angry, what happened to me cannot be explained in words, I am the man that will say to you Heaven is real, life is a test I have been married 25 plus years with 8 grown children, a guy who taught computer skills to children k through 8 then became an instructor for senior citizens teaching them to use a computer, I am the man that has the life experience that understands what a struggle it is to find hope love and family, the guy who knows those who have experienced that same basic and worse than I have life experience, I believe I am the man who understands what life is like for the middle and poor, for the homeless and the hopeless. I became a minister and now I am set to be that man for the people's house to help all those that look to me to fight for them and for their right to life.


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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Would you (or did you) support the federal "Equality Act" (H.R. 5) creating a protected class for sexual orientation and gender identity be passed into law? N
2. Would you (or did you) support the federal “Respect for Marriage Act” (H.R. 8404) which requires states to recognize polygamous marriages? N
3. Should adult citizens be required to pass a background check before buying ammunition? N
4. Would you (or did you) support a federal law (H.R. 8296) removing nearly all restrictions on abortion procedures throughout pregnancy? N
5. Should the federal government require public district and charter schools to allow biological boys in girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, and on female-only sports teams as a condition to receive federal education funding? N
6. Would you support securing the border by blocking crossings from undocumented migrants? Y
7. Would you support federal judges who apply the original text of the U.S. Constitution according to the framers’ original intent, rather than interpreting it in light of current times? Y
8. Would you support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring Congress to balance the federal budget every year? Y
9. Would you (or did you) support a law (H.R. 1) requiring the federal government to take over local and state election processes? N
10. Would you support the filibuster rule that requires 60 votes in the U.S. Senate to pass most legislation? Y