Choi, Steven

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State Assembly
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(949) 331-2294
California Assemblymember
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Assemblyman Steven S. Choi (???), Ph.D. was elected to California State Assembly in 2016 to represent the 68th Assembly District that includes the cities of Irvine, Anaheim, Lake Forest, Tustin, North Tustin, Orange, and Villa Park. In the legislature, he serves as Vice Chair of Higher Education Committee and Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy Committee, and as a member of Arts, Sports, Entertainment Committee, Tourism and Internet Media Committee, Banking and Finance Committee, Budget Committee (Budget Sub 2 Education Finance), and Legislative Ethics Committee. Assemblyman Choi was first elected as a Trustee of the Irvine Unified School District in 1998 and re-elected in 2002. Subsequently, he was elected in 2004 and re-elected in 2008 to serve as a Councilman on the Irvine City Council. In 2012, he was elected Mayor of Irvine and was reelected in 2014. As mayor, his vision was to maintain and improve the quality of life city residents by assuring responsible growth, effectively managing traffic, keeping Irvine as one of America's safest cities, and providing quality education for our children, while ensuring the City's fiscal stability and growth. Assemblyman Choi is a passionate and experienced educator. After earning his bachelor's degree from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea, he immigrated to the United States as a Peace Corps language instructor for the State Department in August, 1968. He then continued his graduate studies, earning his master's degree in Library Science from Louisiana State University, and his Ph.D. in Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Since then, he resumed his teaching career, primarily in higher education at several universities and colleges including USC, UCI, California State University, Los Angeles, Henderson State University in Arkansas, Saddleback College and Coastline Community College. Since 1993, Steven has lived in Irvine with his wife, Janie. They have two grown children, Daniel and Michelle, who attended Eastshore Elementary, Lakeside Middle School, Rancho Middle School, and University High School. Daniel received his BS from Stanford University and his MD from UCSD. Michelle received her BA from UCSD and her JD from the University of Michigan Law School.
I love my state of California and serving the constituents in my district. With my long experience in local governments such as Irvine School Board and the City of Irvine, I can truly better serve my community. My opponent is a carpetbagger who does not even live in my district, but claims that she does. For healthy policies, the California legislature needs a good balance of power, not like the current situation that one ruling party exceeds the super majority that does not require a good debate since they already have their votes. If the current Republican incumbent loses the 2022 election, this seat stay Democratic for a long time. How will it help achieve the good balance of power at the legislature?


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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Should California amend its Constitution to remove current limitations and codify abortion until birth as a constitutional right? (e.g., Prop 1, 2022) N
2. Should California require medical providers to undergo “cultural competency courses” on racial politics and sexual and gender identity to have their license renewed by the state? (e.g., AB 2194, 2022) N
3. Should California adult citizens be required to pass a background check before buying ammunition? N
4. Should California require high school students to take an Ethnic Studies course that teaches Critical Race Theory before graduating? Y* AB 101 has nothing to do with the Critical Race Theory. The bill is designed to help students to learn and appreciate the contributions made by other ethnic groups so that they can expand their social horizon above and beyond their limited scope of view so that we can all live in peace and harmony.
5. Should California women’s prisons be required to admit biological males who self-identify as female? N
6. Would you (or did you) support requiring all insurance plans to provide elective surgical abortions for free, with no deductibles or copays copays? (e.g., SB 245, 2022) N
7. Should minors age 15 or older be allowed to consent to vaccines without parental permission? (e.g., SB 866, 2022) N
8. Would you (or did you) support the legalization of loitering for prostitution? (e.g., SB 357, 2022) N
9. Would you (or did you) support the establishment of government-sponsored drug injection centers? (e.g., SB 57, 2022) N
10. Would you (or did you) support legislation prohibiting employers from making hiring decisions based on an employee’s use of cannabis away from the workplace or traces of non-psychoactive cannabis found during drug testing? (e.g., AB 2188, 2022) N
11. Should California taxpayers fund transgender treatments for minors, including puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex-change operations? (e.g., AB 2218, 2020; AB 2521, 2022) N
12. Should California require Peace Officers to undergo a “bias evaluation” that includes sexual orientation and gender identity? (e.g., AB 2229, 2022) N