Sit, Leon

Meet the Candidate

Running For:
State Assembly
Political Affiliation:
No Party Preference
Foothill High School (c/o 2021), University of California, Los Angeles (2021-present)
Biographical Info:
I was born in Irvine and have lived in central Orange County ever since. I became interested in politics through the 2016 Presidential Election, and have continued to remain attentive, which is how I heard about this district going potentially uncontested in November.
I started this campaign as a write-in candidate in April because I was informed that this 59th Assembly District only had one candidate, which would have led to an uncontested race. I have since advanced from the primary election, and assumed the responsibilities of a general election candidate. I'm now running to give voters an independent, transparent, and accessible option in November.


Response Legend

  • YYes
  • NNo
  • Declined to Respond/Undecided, Position Unknown/Unclear
  • *Comment
  • Declined to respond, Position based on citation

Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Should California amend its Constitution to remove current limitations and codify abortion until birth as a constitutional right? (e.g., Prop 1, 2022) -* I believe abortion should be safe, legal, and rare, but also limited. Current state abortion law should be codified because it limits abortions past viability, although we need to work to continue the trend of fewer abortions, year-on-year.
2. Should California require medical providers to undergo “cultural competency courses” on racial politics and sexual and gender identity to have their license renewed by the state? (e.g., AB 2194, 2022) N* Healthcare is complicated enough and we don't need more bureaucracy involved. Being said, a single hour devoted to learning about specific issues many Californians face is not something to push back on.
3. Should California adult citizens be required to pass a background check before buying ammunition? N* We already have background checks for those seeking to purchase firearms. If that is actually enforced, adding another check on ammunition seems redundant.
4. Should California require high school students to take an Ethnic Studies course that teaches Critical Race Theory before graduating? N* Californian students are already falling behind as-is. I don't support adding another requirement to graduate.
5. Should California women’s prisons be required to admit biological males who self-identify as female? -* I believe inmates who have had a sex change should be admitted as such.
6. Would you (or did you) support requiring all insurance plans to provide elective surgical abortions for free, with no deductibles or copays copays? (e.g., SB 245, 2022) N* Insurance plans should be free to cover whatever expenses deemed fit.
7. Should minors age 15 or older be allowed to consent to vaccines without parental permission? (e.g., SB 866, 2022) Y* People, teenagers included, need to be able to make decisions about their own health.
8. Would you (or did you) support the legalization of loitering for prostitution? (e.g., SB 357, 2022) N
9. Would you (or did you) support the establishment of government-sponsored drug injection centers? (e.g., SB 57, 2022) N
10. Would you (or did you) support legislation prohibiting employers from making hiring decisions based on an employee’s use of cannabis away from the workplace or traces of non-psychoactive cannabis found during drug testing? (e.g., AB 2188, 2022) N* Drug use should not be a protected class.
11. Should California taxpayers fund transgender treatments for minors, including puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex-change operations? (e.g., AB 2218, 2020; AB 2521, 2022) N* The government should stay out of additional healthcare obligations.
12. Should California require Peace Officers to undergo a “bias evaluation” that includes sexual orientation and gender identity? (e.g., AB 2229, 2022) Y* I would like to have public servants not exhibit biases against any group.